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Are you ready to transform your landscaping? If so, one of the smartest things you can do is hire our team of professionals. When it comes to Miami Landscape companies you will find our team takes the necessary steps to stand out from the crowd and provide you with the highest quality services in the industry and area. We can handle all aspects of commercial and residential landscaping and ensure your yard or property looks healthy, green, and well-kept throughout the year. Are you interested in the commercial landscaping services we offer and why we are a premier landscaping company in Miami? If so, find out here.

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Landscape Design Services

Landscape design is equal parts art and science. Every landscape and area is unique. Native plants that will bloom near the sea may not do so further inland, and inland plants may not work near salt water. We analyze every detail that goes into design to make sure your landscaping is blooming year around. We want to make sure your plants are placed in an environment where they can thrive.

professional tree and stump removal

Tree and Stump Removal

When it comes to tree and stump removal it’s important to the job right the first time. Roots can run deep and can potentially damage underground pipes. Our team of experts meticulously arranges for the proper tree and stump removal so that your lawn remains intact.

professional landscape clean up services

Landscape Clean Up Services

When you hire us for landscape clean-up, you will find we provide everything from general bed maintenance to bed edging, seasonal perennial trim down, mulch raking and more. We consider these the “deep-cleaning” services of the landscaping world. Our team recommends calling us for this clean up service one to three times each year for best results.

professional grass resurfacing service

Grass Resurfacing

We start by removing the weed and thatch buildup. We then fill and level bumps to have an even surface. We check for PH levels and add nutrients accordingly. We then add microbes and organic matter. Aeration is key for the roots to grow and penetrate the soil properly. All these steps are vital for proper lawn care and growth.

Lawn Mowing

Most mowing contracts will range from 28 to 32 mows per season. We can include things like blow-off for hard services, edging, and string trimming with our packages. The best way to get what you need is by contacting our team of professional landscape technicians to let them know the specifics of your yard and what type of mowing services will be necessary.

professional irrigation system and shut down services

Irrigation Systems and Shut Down Services

Your irrigation system is a crucial part of your yard’s health and well-being. We provide start-up and shut-down services for your irrigation system. While most people will start the irrigation system up in the spring, not all people will winterize it in the fall. We can also provide you with monthly inspections and repairs of your system to ensure optimum water efficiency and usage. This is pro-active step we take to help minimize the potential for damage and to help ensure your irrigation system is ready to go during the warmer months of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot has been said regarding curb appeal and price points. There’s no doubt a solid first impression can have lasting effects on your property. According to the National Realtors Association (NAR), landscaping can add up to 247% ROI. By far once the best investments you could make in your property.

We’re fans of using native plants to enhance the look and feel of your property. Native plants provide you with a little more peace of mind regarding maintenance as they’re more resistant to the South Florida weather. You can mix and match plants and flowers to add a pop of color to your landscaping. 

The most cost effective investment you can make to increase the value of your property, is in proper lawn care. A freshly manicured lawn is a thing of beauty. Applying the proper fertilizers and watering it adequately does take some work, but the results are noticeable. We feel that a proper lawn is the foundation for any landscaping project. 

Additional Commercial Landscaping Services in Miami, FL

We offer a wide range of landscaping services including:

Plant Health Care Services

Your plants get food, energy, and water from the soil. There are some plants that are considered to be “heavy feeders.” What this means is that they require a lot of nutrients and sometimes the soil cannot provide for these high nutrient needs. By adding a plant feed and protect program to your landscaping service, you will receive the feedings that the plants in your yard need to ensure they thrive. We also offer pest and disease prevention services for some of the most common issues. This includes help with black-spot, or other mildew, aphids, bagworms, and more. While the total coverage and protection depend on the plan you choose, our goal is to keep your lawn, garden, and plants as healthy as possible throughout the year.

Hedging and Pruning Services

Hedging and pruning at the right time each year for the right type of plant is essential to overall plant health and the performance of the blooms. When you hire a professional, you can feel confident your plants will be pruned at the right time for the specific species. For example, if you have a hydrangea in your yard, you need to make sure a professional take care of the pruning needs, or the plant may die. Proper pruning from our landscaping Miami professionals helps to ensure the plant maintains the right size and shape, that spent blooms are removed, that diseased and dead limbs are removed, and will help promote plant growth. With our hedging services, we will shape plants into a geometric form, which is a popular service for the commercial landscaping side of things.

Lawn Feed and Protect Services

Our lawn chemical programs will feed your turf and help protect against an array of diseases and pests, including fungal issues, brown-patch, and grubs. Many of our programs are applied in multiple steps at the right time of the year. Irrigation and weather patterns can also affect your turf, so it is necessary that these things be considered along with the turf program you choose for your property. We have also found that sometimes applications are necessary during super-wet years to help control any potential moisture-related problem.

Mulching Services

Mulching is usually done one or two times a year. While some consider mulch to be a visually appealing component of their yard, it offers plant benefits, as well. For example, it provides water retention, weed minimization, and root insulation.

General Bed Detailing and Maintenance Services

With this service, our team will weed any garden beds, control and trim ground covering, remove debris and spent blooms, remove browning leaves and branches, and more. We believe this is a must-have service from any landscaping service and one we are proud to offer each of our customers. UK Partnership  If you’re in the UK and need a Fencing Company Guilford, you’ll be in good hands. They’ve been offering us advice on best practices for vinyl fencing we hope to implement here in Miami for our Commercial Landscaping Service.

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