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Commercial Landscaping Services

Are you ready to transform your landscaping? If so, one of the smartest things you can do is hire our team of professionals. When it comes to Miami Landscape companies you will find our team takes the necessary steps to stand out from the crowd and provide you with the highest quality services in the industry and area.
We can handle all aspects of commercial and residential landscaping and ensure your yard or property looks healthy, green, and well-kept throughout the year.

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Commercial Landscaping Services

Imagine a lush landscape that’s full of exotic plants, flowers and trees. Isn’t it visually appealing? Yes, you can get that green landscape that you’ve been dreaming of with our custom landscaping plant/ tree design and installation. You select what are your ideal plant selections while getting recommendations from us as to which will go well 

and suit your type of environment and microclimate. Not only that, with our best recommended planting techniques, expect that your landscape plants and trees will grow healthily. Thus, you’ll gain confidence knowing that your investment will last for several years.


Why bother removing stumps? If you think it’s not a big deal to remove those tree stumps, think again. Sometimes, you just need to remove that one stubborn stump around to achieve that overall clean and tidy effect of your yard. Sometimes, small as it is, a stump can serve as a breeding ground for pests. Or even how tiny it is, it can

hinder your landscaping design. Sometimes, having that one tricky stump removed is all you need to boost the curb appeal of your property and may even increase its value. If you feel that it’s time to consider removing that stump, feel free to speak to one of our specialists to get a free estimate of your stump removal.

Maintenance !Maintenance ! Maintenance ! 

Maintaining your landscape green and lush all year round is as crucial as proper planning. After all, a well-maintained property speaks volume and leaves a lasting impression to your potential customers. Keeping your sidewalks and paths clear, eliminating weeds and preventing its overgrowth, and planting attractive plants and flowers will surely invite customers to come. 


What makes a good commercial irrigation system? Well, of course lawn’s water needs vary depending on various factors such as the water zone for instance. But in general, an effective irrigation system must be sustainable, designed with water retention design to preserve water or limit its overflow, and is customized to the customers’ lawn needs and landscaping design. 

Our irrigation equipment is advanced, and state-of-the art. It matches the parameters and specifications of our customers’ lawns. Indeed, it is advisable to contact our office to set up an appointment and receive free advice about your watering plan. It is important to speak with our experts about your permanent watering plan. 

Is it really necessary for you to remove those trees? If it’s for aesthetics, safety, and health reasons; yes, definitely. Though it’s not recommendable to remove a living tree unless there is no other option. This would be a last resort if there is no other tree removal alternative available. But there are cases wherein a tree is interfering with the health of other trees, or is threatening some building or wires. Only under such circumstances that a strategic tree removal may be considered. 

However, tree removal requires trained and qualified professionals as it is highly technical, and can pose hazards to the public if not done properly. Some trees are surrounded by other valuable trees, plantings or structures which can present a challenge. 

Landscape lighting may not be on top priority for some commercial property owners while others may simply forget about it. However, it plays an essential element of landscape design. Your property should look as good as night as it dies during the day through proper placement of lights which can either break it or make it. Good lighting highlights the important features of your landscape and the property itself as a whole , making it look more welcoming and safe as your guests stroll around your place after sunset. 


You may ask our specialist which native plants are best for the conditions in your landscape. Native plants , like any other plants, are more likely to grow when planted in the right place. 


this native Florida plant has ancient origins just like any other cycads. its
leaves are 24-48 “ long with utmost 6” long flowers. It grows on well-drained soil. Its
drought and high salt tolerance make it an excellent choice for a coastal landscape. It
can be planted in both sun or shade, and can be used as a specimen plant.

Butterfly Orchid

 it has one to three long slim leaves that are six to twelve inches long, with some 1.5 “ flowers on tall, thin stalks that can spread up to 18 inches. Color comes in variation from white to brown. It can grow in the wild on mangroves, ponds and pines. One of the best features of this orchid is that it continues to bloom for six months.

Coral Honeysuckle

it produces fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers which are 1 to 2 inches long and come in shade of red, yellow and coral pink. It tolerates most soil types and conditions. It’s generally a low-maintenance plant with its stem that can grow up to 20 feet in length. They are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. In the fall, these flowers give way to small red berries. 

Southern Magnolia

this magnificent tree has white to cream-colored blossoms measuring around 8-12 and leaves up to 10 inches long. It requires moist soil and is drought tolerant. It can grow between 65 “ -100 “. It serves as a good shade tree for areas with ample space. When it comes to tree care, Southern Magnolia could be the easiest. 

Red Maple

 it prefers damp locations and has low drought tolerance. It can be used as a shade tree or beautiful background especially as a fall color with its medium green leaves that turn into bright red, purple or yellow in late fall. It gets its name from, as you would have guessed, from the intense red color of its leaves in autumn.