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Tree removal

Is it really necessary for you to remove those trees? If it’s for aesthetics, safety, and health reasons; yes, definitely. Though it’s not recommendable to remove a living tree unless there is no other option. This would be a last resort if there is no other tree removal alternative available. But there are cases wherein a tree is interfering with the health of other trees, or is threatening some building or wires.

Only under such circumstances that a strategic tree removal may be considered. However, tree removal requires trained and qualified professionals as it is highly technical, and can pose hazards to the public if not done properly. Some trees are surrounded by other valuable trees, plantings or structures which can present a challenge. 


Cutting down a tree, especially a large one, will not only need well-trained personnels but also state-of-the-art equipment to assure the protection of your property. The type of machinery to be used during tree removal depends on the condition of your landscape, and the tree itself. 

A standard tree removal consists of taking down a tree,chipping all brush , cutting all wood into 20″ logs as well as removing all the stumps as planate as possible to the ground. 

So, you think you need a tree (trees) removed? Talk to one of our expert arborists for consultation.